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Marketing Programs

While consumers, trends and your company initiatives are ever changing, the goal of marketing is still to find ways to drive loyalty by generating traffic, product trial, visit frequency, check average, and social engagement.

You may have tried a refill beverage promotion, collectible/souvenir series or buy the drink keep the glass type of programs before and your results may have varied.

Through our experience in the many industries we serve, we have found that the most successful programs follow 3-Steps to create a fully integrated campaign from design to execution with support from Marketing, Operations, Category and Purchasing teams.

  1. Determine Program Objective: Traffic, Frequency, Check Average, New Product Trial, DayPart, etc.
  2. Product: Select or create the right promotional product and pricing structure
  3. Execution: Merchandising and advertising through in-store/outside, social and traditional marketing.

Click on examples below for some inspiration on creating compelling food & beverage marketing programs.

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