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28oz Blow Molded Styrolux Mason Jar with Handle

28oz Blow Molded Styrolux Mason Jar with Handle

Packaging Information:

Type Pack Length Width Height Weight Cube
Shipper - No Lid or Straw 40 20.06 16.06 12.13 7.2 2.07
Shipper w/ Lid & Straw 36 20.06 16.06 12.13 8.15 2.07

Bisphenol A (BPA) Free: All of our products that have food contact surfaces are BPA free.

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Perfect for specialty desserts and shakes, this 28-ounce, blow-molded mason jar comes with an integral handle and optional 76mm snap-on twist lid and a clear straw. Available with a custom embossment (MAJ-28E) or full-color, custom adhesive label.


  • Optional Snap-On Twist Lid with Corrugated Sipper Straw
  • Made in the United States
  • Hand Wash Only
  • BPA-Free

Contact Us About MAJ-28

Shell Custom Colors Available

Clear Shell

Clear Shell

Lid Custom Colors Available

Snap-On Twist Lid

Snap-On Twist Lid

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