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Does Whirley-DrinkWorks! sell direct to consumers? Can I purchase single items directly?

No, we are a custom Business-to-Business manufacturer/supplier. Our products can only be purchased at our food & beverage retail partner locations.

Does Whirley-DrinkWorks! offer replacement lids or products?

No, we unable to offer replacements. As an on-demand manufacturer producing product per order, we do not have spare product in inventory to send out.

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Corporate Headquarters

618 4th Avenue
Warren, PA 16365
Phone: 800-825-5575
Int’l: 814-723-7600
Fax: 814-723-3245

Shipping & Delivery
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am -10:00pm
Toll Free: 800-825-5575 x2481
Fax: 814-723-8366

Shipping Dock Address
140 W Harmar St
Warren, PA 16365

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Credit Department

800-825-5575 x1211

Remittance Address

Whirley Industries, Inc.
P.O. Box 642576
Pittsburgh, PA 15264-2576