Credit Application Privacy Notice

Whirley Industries Inc., DrinkWorks Corporation, EasyGo Drinkware LLC & ValidFill LLC

Privacy Notice / Notice on Data Use


1. Collection of Data
The data provided to the Companies in any documentation which comes into existence as a result of client’s opening or maintaining of the Account with the Companies, will be used for activities relating to the processing of client’s application to open and maintain the Account, including but not limited to conducting credit reporting through credit report agencies, or the processing of client’s application for grant of credit by the Company or the maintaining and the review of such credit (if applicable);

2. Choice to Provide Data
It is the client’s choice to provide requested data, noting that without requested data the Companies will not grant credit & will require Cash in Advance.

3. Disclosure of Information
The Companies may disclose to their agents or nominees, associates, affiliates, individuals, and the Companies’ auditors such information as it requires to operate client’s account or execute client’s orders.
If the Account is in default, the Companies are authorized to disclose information about the Account to third party debt collection agencies. The Companies are authorized to disclose information about the Account to potential purchasers for the purpose of due diligence in relation to a merger or acquisition. Information provided by the client will not be used for marketing purposes.

4. Inquiries
Inquiries concerning the personal data provided by client to the Companies, including the request for access and corrections, should be addressed to:

Brett Ball
Credit Management Team Leader
Whirley-DrinkWorks!,  EasyGo! & ValidFill


Revision Date
This Notice was last updated on 12 January 2024 (“Revision Date”). If you were a user before the Revision Date, it replaces the existing Privacy Policy.